Best Eye Makeup for Magnetic Eyelashes


Unlike other falsies, magnetic lashes don’t require lash glue to apply. So how do magnetic lashes work, exactly? You apply them by sandwiching your lash line between the strip of magnetic lashes and the magnets that hold them in place. Because they are not affixed to your lashes with glue (like strip lashes), you don’t need to worry about ingredients that may dissolve lash adhesives.

Eye Makeup To Use With Magnetic Lashes


If you like to use more than one type of faux lashes, though, it makes sense to use a mascara that plays nice with all of them. Because eyelash extensions and strip lashes are applied with lash glue, it’s a must to use oil-free eye makeup. That includes everything: shadow, eyeliner, lash primer and mascara. Cleanser must also be oil-free as well. Why? Oil-based cosmetics and cleansers will dissolve the lash glue. Anything that comes in contact with the lash line must therefore be water-based to avoid weakening the adhesive bond.

When you wear strip lashes and eyelash extensions, eyeliner is applied on top of the lashes. With magnetic lashes, though, it’s best to apply your eyeliner before attaching the lashes and magnets. As with other false lashes, water-based liquid liner is your best bet.


BeautyGARDE oil-free liquid eyeliner is completely safe for any faux lash you decide to wear. With a thin, velvet-finish nib, you have maximum flexibility and precision to make fine lines, more dramatic lines, or a cat eye. It won’t smudge as you’re lining up your magnetic lashes and fixing them in place. Even better, it will still be there later in the day when you check your makeup. Really.  

Priming Sealant:

Once you have applied your liner and attached the magnetic lashes, primer is the next step. BeautygGARDE oil-free priming sealant encourages a “grip” between your faux lashes and your natural lashes. It will seal any gaps and set the stage for showstopper lashes once your mascara is applied.

Like the Priming Sealant and Liquid Eyeliner, BeautyGARDE oil-free mascara is safe for all faux lashes. In fact, it was formulated specifically for false eyelashes. You want to protect your investment, right? It won’t harm your falsies, and no animals were harmed in testing it, either. BeautyGARDE mascara is completely cruelty-free.

You’ll want to disguise the attachment point when you’re wearing magnetic lashes. What better way than with a full, fabulous fringe? BeautyGARDE oil-free mascara will amplify the drama quotient on your lashes so much that you’ll be saying, “what magnets?”

Eye Makeup Remover:

When it comes to removing your eye makeup at night, your cleansing routine should be the same, regardless of what type of lash enhancements you prefer. You want a gentle cleanser to thoroughly clean your lashes and falsies without damaging them.

BeautyGARDE lash & brow shampoo was designed for exactly that purpose. Unlike other makeup removers that must be rubbed on to your lashes, BeautyGARDE lash & brow shampoo has a totally unique brush that you comb through your lashes. It dissolves your mascara while preserving your falsies. No rubbing on eye makeup remover means no tangling or tearing of your delicate magnetic lashes.

What’s more, the brush is made with charcoal, which has natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. The brush is able to get all the way down to the lash line, where a lot of eye makeup removers leave some residue. Have you ever dried your face on a towel after washing it, only to find spots of mascara? Not fully cleaning your lash line area puts you at risk of developing inflammation or eyelash mites. Yes, you heard me right. Eyelash mites. (See our article Do You Have Eyelash Mites? Up To 80% Of People Do!)

Getting the lashes fully clean also makes it easier to remove your magnetic lashes. With no residual mascara left, your lashes won’t stick to the strip of magnetic lashes when you take them off. Hello, sparkling clean magnetic lashes. When you decide to wear strip lashes or eyelash extensions, the water-based formulation will be gentle on them, too.

I say, why not use products that give you the most options?

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