If I had to guess, I’d say that you normally clean your face, lashes, and brows all at once by pumping some cleanser into your hands, slapping them together and then rubbing it all on your face, before rinsing and hoping for the best.

Or maybe that’s just me. But not anymore!!

What To Avoid When Cleaning Your Face, Lashes, and Brows

First off, rubbing and scrubbing the eye area is a no-no, and can damage the delicate skin around your eyes, causing premature aging and irritation. If you use a cotton ball (or cotton pad) and eye-makeup remover, there’s still a lot of rubbing involved, and this method doesn’t always completely remove makeup. Do you find dark spots on your towel after you finish your cleansing routine? You may not be taking off all your mascara.

Second, people do not realize that eyelashes (real or false) harbor a tremendous amount of bacteria in general, due to the proximity of the wet warmth of the eye itself. Your hands also carry bacteria, and when you think about the number of times a day you touch your eye area -- whether it’s to mess with your lashes, or scratch an itch -- and you’ve got a recipe for trouble.  When we wash our faces, most of us aren’t really getting all the way to the lash line with our cleanser. If you’ve ever washed your face, gone to bed, and still woken up with raccoon eyes, I’m talking to you.  

How You Can Safely Remove Eye Makeup

So how are you supposed to remove eye makeup safely and completely? (This is an especially difficult task for lash extension wearers.) Introducing BeautyGARDE lash and brow shampoo.  Shampoo your lashes? (and brows…?!) Well, yes.  The first thing you will notice about this oil-free cleanser/makeup remover is the packaging: It has a squeezable tube fitted with a locking charcoal brush head. Why a charcoal brush? Because charcoal is both anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, and cannot support the type of bacterial growth that can cause eye and skin infections.

Activated charcoal has been used since ancient times for its medicinal properties. In Japan, it’s still used in toothbrushes and other products for its remarkable health benefits. One of its most important qualities is the ability to attract harmful substances to its surface and cling to them. (Doctors often use activated charcoal in emergency rooms to treat people who have ingested toxins.) Activated charcoal is used in specialty toothbrushes to remove stubborn stains and deodorize the mouth. Imagine how clean it can make your eyelashes!

This amazing lash tool will deep clean between every lash with each gentle stroke of the brush. It won’t pull or tear at your lashes, which is especially important when you’re wearing eyelash extensions! Tugging at the adhesive bond on your lash line can weaken or remove your eyelash extensions. The gel cleanser inside is 100% oil-free and will not harm your lash extensions. You know what else? It protects the delicate area around your eyes, because you don’t need to rub Lash & Brow Shampoo around.

Why Should You Clean Your Eyebrows?

Like the other hair on your body, eyebrows produce oil, which can build up if not cleaned regularly. Without good hygiene, you can get acne and yes, dandruff, in your eyebrows. Can you imagine grooming your mane without using a brush? Of course not. That’s why a brush is the ideal applicator to distribute shampoo through your eyebrows.

Did you know that your eyebrows, like your lashes, protect your eyes from foreign particles? Dust, lint, whatever is floating in the air – if it comes near your eyes, the eyebrows or lashes usually catch it. Sometimes you don’t even see that stuff! All the more reason to have a charcoal brush to draw the dirt and grime away from your lashes and brows, and wash it away.

Like your natural lashes, your eyelash extensions (and other false lashes!) need to be regularly cleaned, too! Not only will they last longer and look better, washing them will ensure that they don’t harbor bacteria that could get introduced to your eye area when they’re re-used.

We know that that the skin around your eyes is sensitive. Our Lash & Brow Shampoo is gentle for your skin, too. It contains no harsh chemicals or ingredients that will leave your skin feeling dry or irritated. 

Want to learn more about the possible bacteria around your eyes, read our article, Do You Have Eyelash Mites? Up To 80% Of People Do!