We are thrilled to launch a thoughtfully crafted collection of blogs that will give you a first hand introduction and some insight into the fun-loving, dynamic, authentic and genuine people that make up the BeautyGARDE family. We are so excited for you to have this opportunity to share the colorful world beyond our job titles


Today we’re delving into the fascinating life of a team member who finds joy in the simple things. If you've ever wondered how someone would describe their job to a child, or sought out the ultimate productivity hack involving adorable little helpers, this read is for you.

Behind the Scenes: Team Edition - Episode 1: Meet Sara

It is our pleasure to unveil more about the radiant and delightful person behind the title of Customer Service & Relationship Manager - Meet Sara, who joined the BeautyGARDE crew March of 2023. Along with her charisma, she brought a wealth of customer service expertise and 20+ years of experience. We appreciate so many things about Sara including her magnetic energy, spunk, super power multi-tasking abilities and willingness to help. She describes her job to her young girls as being the official Fairy Glam-Mother, bestowed with the important duty of selecting the most enchanting hues to make the world a more dazzling and fabulous place, one nail at a time! 

During her time away from excelling in her professional role, Sara is a self appointed original connoisseur of home comfort, holiday sweatshirt enthusiast and proud owner of 6 chickens. These chicks aren't your ordinary egg-laying farm hens; these feathered companions are cherished members of her extended family. Occasionally, they even make delightful appearances at BeautyGARDE staff meetings, a presence we thoroughly appreciate. Despite having chickens, Sara doesn’t quite fancy eggs and commonly enjoys unconventional breakfast habits such as a 9am Chicken Caesar Salad. 

One of her favorite things about her home is the background sound of her two adorable young daughters giggling and playing together while she is experimenting with new recipes and adding her infamous touch of incorporating custom measurements from her heart. Her and her husband enjoy spending time together, as a family; whether that be camping, working on a crazy Pinterest project she’s talked her husband into, or relaxing by the fire. 

A common struggle amongst parents with young children is often finding a work-life balance, which is something that Sara appreciates the most about the company culture at BeautyGARDE and how they greatly value their employees quality of life outside of work and supports a structure that makes this delicate balance very attainable. That being said, she also has some tricks up her sleeve when it comes to being a multi-tasking work from home extraordinaire and has found that turning tasks into a family affair and involving the kids whenever possible not only saves time but adds a sprinkle of joy and laughter to the mix!

We cannot wrap up this insightful journey into her world without knowing what her favorite BeautyGARDE product is! Sara’s favorite is the BeautyGARDE Rocket Remover because not only does it do it's job extremely effectively, it's active ingredients are plant based, 21 free and cruelty free (as are all of BeautyGARDE’s products) making it a no brainer go-to when it comes to using it on her young girls. It's evident that if her life were encapsulated in a hashtag, it would undoubtedly be #homebody.  We’d like to encourage you to share your go-to productivity hacks that involve your little helpers – your kids. We would love to hear how you turn everyday tasks into family adventures. 

Drop your tips and tricks in the comments below and inspire others to find joy in the midst of their to-do lists.