If you’re looking to try strip lashes or cluster lashes for the first time, you may be wondering what’s available. You can find them at a variety of price points. They’re sold at drug stores, cosmetic retailers like Sephora, department stores, and of course, at online stores as well. You can also generally buy them straight from the manufacturer on their websites, too. Want to know how all these lashes differ?

Different Types Of False Lashes

Drugstore Lashes

Believe it or not, it’s possible to find falsies for as little as 99 cents at your local drugstore. Didn’t think you could find anything under a dollar anymore? There you go. That’s the extreme low end, of course, and the average price is usually around $5 or $6. At the high end, you can almost always find drug store falsies under $10. What does that buy you?

The least expensive strip lashes and cluster lashes are made of lower quality synthetic materials, or sometimes human hair. If you look at drug store websites, descriptions of these falsies many times won’t even include a list of their ingredients. (I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to put something on my delicate eyelid, and close to my eye, I want to know what it’s made of.) For those with latex allergies or other sensitivities, it’s important to have a list of ingredients to avoid a reaction.

Inexpensive false eyelashes often use thicker bands made of latex or latex-like material. Some of the single-use falsies have self-adhesive bands. Be careful: The self-adhesive on cheap lashes may not remain in place for a full night. Most inexpensive falsies have bands that are relatively thick, making them more difficult to apply. A thicker band can also mean the lashes are more visibly fake. Because they’re made of less flexible material, these bands are prone to break or come unstuck from your lash line more easily. That’s not a good look when you’re out on a first date.

These fake lashes are generally mass-produced, and they’re meant to be disposable. Their disposability is evident when you look at the packaging. Do you think the falsies are intended for multiple uses if they don’t come in some kind of reusable storage container?

Disposable fake eyelashes definitely have their place. If you’ve never tried falsies, and you want to experiment with how to trim and apply them, it’s easy enough to do so with something that won’t cost a lot – or that you can throw away afterward. Want something over the top for Halloween or a costume party? Cheap false lashes are the perfect solution.

Some of the less expensive brands you’ll find at your local drugstore: Andrea Redi-Lash, Ardell’s, Crème, e.l.f., Eylure, Gypsy, J. Lash, Kiss, Red Cherry, Wet n’ Wild

Mid-Range, Reusable Lashes

If you go to a better drugstore, a Target store, or Sephora, you’ll find a choice of falsies in the $9 to $12 range, which are a step up from the least expensive brands. At this price point, you’ll find stronger construction, which means you’ll be able to wear the falsies a few times. You’ll find more human hair lash choices, as well as a better quality of synthetics.

The brands using human hair sterilize it before making their lashes. They certainly can be softer and lighter weight than the less expensive falsies. If you feel weird about using someone else’s hair to extend your lashes, there are synthetic lash choices, too.

Mid-range false eyelash brands: Blinking Beauté, Eylure Vlogger series, House of Lashes, Sephora’s store brand, Sonia Kashuk (sold at Target)

Department Store Quality Strip Lashes and Clusters

If you’re a fake lash veteran, and you like to wear falsies for more than the occasional wedding or special event, it’s worth it to invest in a better quality set of strip lashes or clusters. Even if you’re planning to wear them just once – but it’s your own wedding, for example – you want to look your best. You want false lashes that are more comfortable, and look more real. Why not pay a few dollars more, and be able to wear them several times?

Fake lashes of department store quality generally cost in the $15 to $19 range. To put it simply, this is where you get the most value for your money. Yes, you’re paying about three times the cost of the average drug store brand, but you get to wear them for much longer, and they look far more realistic due to better construction. Why pay $3.99 for a pair of lashes you can only wear once or twice, when for under $20 you can get falsies that last for the whole party season?

Brands available at department store prices: Black Up, Blinking Beauté, Huda Beauty, Icona, M.A.C., MilantéBEAUTY, Tarte

Most Expensive Lashes: Mink Lashes

At the most expensive end of the spectrum are the strip lashes that you typically see celebrities wearing. They’re in the $29-30 price range. Most of the faux strip lashes in this category are made of mink. (If you have allergies or sensitivities to animal fur, you should avoid mink lashes.)

Mink strip lashes will last for a similar length of time as the brands you find at department store prices. You pay a premium for real mink, though.

Mink lash brands: Arimika, Lilly Lashes, Velour

What’s the Sweet Spot, Then?

We think it’s at the intersection of price and quality. 

Want to make sure your lashes last as long as possible? Always use oil-free cosmetics and cleansers. Be sure to clean them with BeautyGARDE lash & brow shampoo.