We’re all accustomed to a little discomfort once in a while in our beauty routines (hello, eyebrow waxing). When it comes to lip plumpers that sting and burn, though, do they deliver enough results to make them worth the pain? For that matter, are there lip plumpers that don’t sting, and are they effective?

There are several ways to get more presence in your pout. Surgical lip augmentation, electric devices like Juvalips, silicone tools like CandyLipz or Fullips, lip masks, and topical lip plumpers all work in different ways and for differing lengths of time to achieve greater lip volume. (Check out our article How to Get Fuller Lips: Your Ultimate Guide to Lip Plumping for more information on all the lip plumping options.) It makes sense to know how every lip plumper works, and its potential downsides, before committing to one.

Lip Augmentation Surgery

The longest-lasting (and most expensive) route to pillowy, plump lips involves injections of a filler into your lips. Depending on the filler, lip augmentation can last for a few months, and as long as a year. Hyaluronic acid is the most common lip filler, and because it’s a substance naturally produced by the human body, comes with fewer downsides than other choices. Synthetic lip fillers and non-human collagen filler, on the other hand, can potentially cause allergic reactions.

Along with lip bruising after the procedure, there are a few other potential negative outcomes of lip augmentation. Sometimes lip fillers can migrate beyond the boundaries of the lips. Overfilling the lips and overuse of lip fillers can, over time, lead to stretching of the lip tissue. In some cases, lips will sag, requiring corrective surgery. While lip augmentation is a great option for a lot of people, be sure to explore all the potential risks with a board-certified dermatologist or surgeon. Read a dermatologist’s perspective here.

Juvalips, CandyLipz and Fullips Lip Plumping Devices

Although Juvalips is battery operated and CandyLipz requires you to do the work with your own mouth, a similar method – suction – is used to plump your lips. Juvalips has just 14 reviews on amazon.com, and very few other reviews online, so the jury is probably still out on its effectiveness. Likewise, CandyLipz had just 30 reviews. Fullips had over 1,700 reviews on amazon.com. All three of these devices averaged the same 3-star to 3.5-star reviews. They seem to work great for some people, and less well for others. At most, suction-powered lip plumpers work for a few hours.

Lip Masks

Lip masks certainly make your lips softer. Lip sheet masks, with their occlusive seal, also lock in moisture as they work, and have a plumping effect. The TonyMoly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch, for example, contains collagen and witch hazel. Collagen is an effective plumper in both sheet lip masks and sheet face masks. Other types of lip masks deliver similar results – they focus on creating a plump, nourished lip look with a deep-conditioning treatment. You won’t necessarily see a dramatic before and after effect in your lip volume, but adequately moisturized lips will look and feel soft and plump.

Topical Lip Plumpers

That stinging and burning sensation we talked about earlier? It’s caused by active ingredients like capsaicin, ginger, peppermint oil, cinnamon – even bee venom in some cases. Such ingredients have an irritating effect on the lips, which causes them to swell in response. Is this effective? In a word, yes. The potential also exists that repeated exposure to potential allergens like capsicum can eventually create an allergic response.

Everyone has a slightly different pain tolerance, and what may feel like mild tingling for some can be unbearably uncomfortable for another. Repeated irritation can also cause your lip tissue to dry. Be sure that your product is adequately moisturizing if want to try this style of lip plumper. So… are stinging lip plumpers worth the pain? They can definitely be effective, but only you can decide if they’re worth it!

Note: Addicted to a spicy, tingling lip plumper? Don’t forget to warn that special someone before you give them a kiss…

Non-Irritating Lip Plumpers

Believe it or not, lip plumpers don’t need to be uncomfortable to give you a fuller pout. Increased lip volume can also be achieved through ingredients that either create additional blood flow to your lips, or that trap moisture in your lips – without pain. We think that the best lip plumpers are the ones that maximize lip fullness and feel good while they’re doing it. Win win, right?

Lip Plumper That Really Works

Swell Lip Volume Serum uses patented ingredients that enhance the volume of your lips without that unpleasant burning or stinging sensation. Our serum contains absolutely no capsaicin. Maxi-Lip® and VoluLip® peptide combinations stimulate plumping with an effect similar to hyaluronic acid (the most popular lip filler used in lip augmentation right now).

Unique moisture-trapping technology visibly improves your lip volume, shape, texture and softness. Rehydration spheres penetrate the lip tissue to deliver long-lasting hydration. NS Lip Repair Lipids then lock in that extra hydration for the ultimate lip plumping enhancement.

Have you heard about the benefits of Vitamin A for your skin? A potent antioxidant, Vitamin A stimulates cell renewal and reduces free radical damage from the pollution in the environment. Revinage, a BioRetinol in BeautyGARDE Swell Lip Volume Serum, makes use of the antioxidant power of Vitamin A to improve lip tissue elasticity and fight the effects of aging.

Want a full, sexy pout without the pain? In less than 30 days, you can visibly improve the feel and appearance of your lips with Swell Lip Volume Serum. It’s a lip plumper that really works. Check out our before and after pictures for the proof!