Just reading the words "eyelash mites" is probably freaking you OUT. Well, never fear, they are as creepy as they sound, but they can be banished.  As many as 80% of the population currently have eyelash mites, or Demodex folliculitis, right now.

These worm-like parasites feed on oils and debris in the lash follicles and lash line.  At night they leave the hair follicles and come out to mate, (I know) so making lash cleansing a part of your evening regime is critical. Once a mite goes back inside your eyelash follicle, you won't be able to get to it.

One thing is for sure - when these creeps overpopulate in your lash line, they can cause big problems, like redness, itching, swelling of eyelids, eye infections and permanent loss of eyelashes!  If mites die inside the lash follicle, their eggs, clawed legs, spiny mouthparts, salivary enzymes, and particularly their decaying bodies could also cause these nasty symptoms.

5 Signs That You Have Lash Mites:

  • Cylindrical crust/dandruff, like a clear tubular cuff that is attached to the eyelid and encircles the base of your eyelashes
  • Chronic redness to lash area
  • Itching at the lash root, especially in the morning
  • Unexplained eyelash loss
  • Foreign body sensation (Feeling like you have something in your eye)

*If you think you are suffering from a Demodex folliculitis infestation, and you have multiple symptoms listed, you need to see a doctor for prescription treatment.

How Can You Prevent Eyelash Mites?

  • Do NOT share makeup or makeup brushes! These parasites can also be carried on your skin, so do not share your makeup, ANY type of makeup, with another person. It's all too easy to borrow a liner, mascara, or concealer in the nightclub bathroom, but if you do, you may be taking home more than just a cute guy.
  • Wash sheets, towels and especially pillowcases regularly in hot water and dry them thoroughly on a high heat setting. If a friend or loved one becomes infected, resist close facial contact and do not share pillows, towels, or bedding. So, basically, your love life is on HOLD.
  • 50% of all cases of eyelash parasites come from not removing makeup properly, so put down the wine glass and shampoo your lashes.

How To Keep Your Lashes and Brows Clean

The best preventative measure is keeping your lashes sparkling clean and free from daily grime. This is especially important for people wearing eyelash extensions. Luckily, I know just the thing…

BeautyGARDE oil-free lash and brow shampoo is not just the best makeup remover you will ever use, it is also the best cleanser you will ever use. Makeup debris gathers in your lash line, and even after you wash your face, you'd be amazed at how much makeup is still hiding there. It's the perfect setting for a bug party -Yikes.

This shampoo features a squeezable tube fitted with a locking charcoal brush head.

Why a charcoal brush?  Because charcoal is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, and cannot support bacterial growth or Demodex folliculitis. The soft brush deep cleans in between every lash, flushing out makeup debris and the parasites hiding in it. And also won't pull or tear your lashes, and protects the delicate skin around the eye area. Imagine the difference between wiping your teeth with a washcloth versus brushing them with a toothbrush! It's a good analogy for the difference between regular face washing, and switching to lash shampoo. The whole cleansing process only takes a couple of minutes, but the impact is big. Let's put it this way: If you wear makeup, you need this.

Even better, this product is 100% safe for use on eyelash extensions. Lash extension wearers have an especially tough time getting their lashes truly clean. Pads and wipes leave behind annoying and sometimes painful lint, and rubbing or scrubbing can twist and tear extensions. This is an oil-free makeup remover, which means it will not compromise the glue on your lash extensions.

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