If you’ve been bottling up your creativity and getting bored with what you see in the mirror, 2018 is the year to bust out. A girl can get a little too comfortable with her beauty routine. There are definitely days when you want your look to be low maintenance. We get it. But sometimes you just gotta slay.

Need some style inspiration? It’s right here. Whether you have a hot date, a girls weekend on the horizon, or you just want to look bomb all the time, we’ve got you covered.

Different Eyelash Extension Styles

Unicorn and Mermaid Lashes

Bold color is definitely having a moment. It began a while ago with brightly-colored and pastel-hued hair, and that party has extended to eyebrows and lashes. Two popular trends in lash extensions this year are unicorn lashes and mermaid lashes. What’s the difference? It really just comes down to color. Unicorn lashes have pink, blue and purple mixed in with black lashes. For mermaid lashes, your lash artist will intermix green, blue and purple extensions. If you’re a go big or go home kinda girl, you can add as much color as you like along your entire lash line. But if you’d rather dip your toe in this trend, that’s possible, too. You can limit the color, and just do a pretty little pop of purple or navy in the middle or at the outside of your lash line.

XD and Volume Lashes

These lashes are not new, but technological innovations have meant big improvements to them. They’re now lighter and more comfortable than ever. With classic eyelash extensions, a lash artist will apply one extension to every lash. For XD or volume lashes, your lash artist will apply between two and ten lash extensions to every one of your natural lashes. Flexibility is everything. If you’re a newbie to volume lashes, you may feel more comfortable with 2D or 3D lashes. Maybe that’s not how you roll, because you’re all about being bold. Then by all means, bring on the 10D.

Doll Lashes and Bottom Lashes

This look is not for the timid. It’s all about contrast and getting noticed. Doll lashes are not meant to look natural. They involve thick clusters of extra-long black lash extensions with gaps in between to emphasize the length differences. Doll lash extensions are inspired by Kawaii beauty trends in Japan. Like the other trends mentioned here, you can dial back this look for something a bit less extreme, but nonetheless still bold.
The vast majority of eyelash extensions are applied just to the upper lashes. Now bottom lash extensions are having their moment. Part of what’s driving the interest in bottom lashes is the doll lash look.

Cat’s Eye Lashes

Some things are just never wrong, and the cat’s eye is one of them. With the cat’s eye, your lash artist applies longer extensions to the outer corner of your eye, to give a boost to your lash line and make your eyes look more open. You can darken and emphasize the cat’s eye with a liquid liner. It’s one of the most popular looks right now, and that’s probably not going to change anytime soon.

The Bottom Line
Trends may come and go, but they’re all about having fun and trying something different. Ultimately what’s important is that you feel good about the way you look. If you’re not into trends, and you just want to do your own thing, that’s cool, too.

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