The length of time that brow lamination treatment lasts differs depending on the type of brows you have. Generally, brow lamination lasts for the entire growth cycle of your eyebrow hair, usually around 30 days.

If you have especially unruly brows or thinner hair, you may find that your eyebrow hairs go back to normal after 4-6 weeks. However, if your brows are thicker and fuller, the brow lamination treatment may last 6-8 weeks!

A natural way to get thicker, fuller brows

Brow lamination isn't the only way to get perfectly groomed brows. A fundamental way to get your brows looking just how you want is to grow them back fuller and healthier than before. You can promote healthy brow hair by using the following products:

  • Lash & Brow Shampoo: Use this as a makeup remover for your eyebrow makeup. It safely removes makeup without damaging your hair follicles, so you don't lose precious brow hairs.

  • Damage Control Lash & Brow Fortifier: To help strengthen and promote healthy growth of your brow hairs, apply directly to your brow where you want more volume. Use twice daily, and you'll see more dense growth along your brow line in no time.

  • Launch Vitamin Tincture: Taking your vitamins is key for healthy hair follicles. This tincture includes all the necessities—biotin, collagen, and horsetail herb. Everything you need for thicker and fuller brows.

The brow lamination process

The brow lamination process may differ depending on who does it, but it will generally follow these steps:

  1. Initial consultation: Before any work is started, you'll receive a full consultation so you know what you're getting into, and your brow expert can map out what the brow lamination will look like.

  2. Brow cleansing: Your brow tech will first clean your brows to ensure they're clean and free from makeup and other impurities.

  3. Applying cream: The tech will start the lamination process, which requires applying cream to make the hair able to be manipulated. It is applied to the brows from the roots to the tip and left on for some time. Especially fluffy brows or bushy brows may need more time.

  4. Setting lotion: The tech will then apply some setting solution (much like how perms need setting), and you'll need to wait until it's done its job. This is like a brow gel.

  5. Conditioning: All products will be removed from your brows, and then some nourishing cream will be applied to them to condition and hydrate them.

  6. Brows are brushed: The brow tech will finally brush your hair in the right direction and position.

Since brow lamination is a very involved and precise process, DIY brow lamination is not recommended.

Brow lamination aftercare

It's best not to soap brows or cleanse them in any way for at least 8 hours. Waiting 24 hours after eyebrow lamination is ideal.

While your brow lamination is still in effect, it's best not to use oils on your brows as they can strip the wax used in the chemical process. If you're using products on your eyebrows, it's best to use water-based ones, not oil-based ones.

Feel free to get your brows wet!


What do laminated brows look like?

Laminated brows look like straight hairs brushed upward. Because of how they're brushed and shaped, they make your brow hairs look longer, and the brow shape will also look larger.

Do brow hairs go back to normal after lamination?

Generally, your brow hairs should return to normal once the lamination wears off (anywhere from 4 to 9 weeks).

Should I get my brows laminated?

At BeautyGARDE, we try to avoid any chemical products used on our brows, so we recommend using more natural products like the Lash & Brow Fortifier.