What Can Affect The Price of Your Lash Extensions?

Trying to figure out how much you’ll spend on a new set of falsies? Lash extension prices can vary quite a bit, depending on a few factors. These are the primary considerations that will affect how much you’ll pay for extensions:

  • Where you live
  • Type of establishment applying your lashes
  • Experience level of the lash artist
  • Type of extensions you want

Where You Live

As with many services, regional price differences exist across the country. Eyelash extensions are generally more expensive in big cities and at high-end resorts and spas. That being said, you can anticipate that your first set of traditional lash extensions will range from roughly $80 to $150.

The Lash Salon

Be sure to read reviews before you choose your salon. Extensions can be applied at dedicated lash bars, but you can also find estheticians at spas or larger beauty salons who do lash extensions. Cleanliness is key. If the lash application isn’t completely sanitary, you risk getting an eye infection or losing lashes. It’s worth the extra expense to ensure that your lash extensions are applied at a reputable business.

The Lash Professional

Don’t neglect to seek out reviews on individual lash professionals, too. Training, certification, experience and creativity affect the fee you will pay. The best lash artist, like the best hair stylist, is generally in high demand and will understandably earn a larger fee.

The Type of Lash Material

If you’re hoping to get extensions made with luxury materials like mink or sable, anticipate paying $200 or more. Volume lashes will also cost more than a traditional set because they require more materials and a longer appointment to apply. If you’re hooked and want to go back for more, an infill generally costs 50% of the price of a full set of extensions. (This is when you go back to the salon to have extensions reapplied to fill in spaces.)

Protecting Your Lash Investment

Lash extensions aren’t cheap! Want to protect that investment? Here’s how: Make sure you faithfully remove your makeup every night. Sorry, no falling into bed with your mascara on if you wear falsies. (Keeping them clean is best for your eye health, too.) Here’s where we come in: BeautyGARDE lash & brow shampoo is designed with lash extensions in mind. A totally unique locking brush head infused with anti-microbial charcoal will draw bacteria away from your eyes. The brush gets safely between your lashes, delivering the gentle, oil-free gel cleanser right where it needs to go. In fact, our lash shampoo is designed for the entire eye area, brows included! If you want to learn more about cleaning your lash extensions, read our article, Are You Properly Cleaning Your Lash Extensions and Eyebrows?.

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