What are lash extensions?

Lash extensions are attached to your natural lash to make your eyelashes look longer and fuller. They are semi-permanent, made from faux mink or silk fibers, and made to mimic your natural lash.

Lash extensions are not the same as fake eyelashes. Fake or false lashes are attached to your lash line (your skin), while eyelash extensions are attached to your natural lashes.

Types of eyelash extensions (application)

There are four main types of eyelash extensions to choose from:

  • Classic

  • Russian

  • Volume

  • Hybrid

Note that these are just the different types of eyelash extensions by application, not the different styles.

Classic eyelash extensions

Classic lash extensions use individual lash extensions applied to each of your natural lashes. This is usually your cheapest option and is preferred for those who want a more natural look.

Russian lash extensions

Russian extensions use faux mink eyelash extensions that are thinner than other types. Multiple thinner lashes are applied to each of your natural lashes, giving a fuller and fluffier look.

Volume lashes

Classic and volume lashes are different because volume lashes are applied in multiples to each natural lash. With classic lashes, an individual eyelash extension is applied to each of your individual natural lashes, but with volume lashes, more than one extension is attached to one natural lash.

Hybrid lashes

Hybrid lashes use a mixture of classic lashes and volume lashes to create a more individualized look. Your lash stylist will use individual as well as multiple lash extensions per natural lash.

Why you should avoid a lash extension

While synthetic mink lash extensions may give you the desired voluminous lashes quickly, here at BeautyGARDE, we prefer to avoid extensions and fake eyelashes. Here are a few reasons why:

  • You risk damaging your natural lashes: While lash extensions provide a temporary desired look, you could cause long-term damage to your natural lashes if they aren't applied and removed correctly. This could mean you'll end up with thinner and even fewer lashes.

  • You could end up with an infection: Glue is required to attach each eyelash extension to your lashes—this glue can cause irritation and infection to your lash line and eyes. Also, having extensions can irritate your eyes, which may cause you to rub your eyes more often, causing damage, irritation, and infection.

  • It's expensive: Regular eyelash extension appointments aren't cheap. Depending on your salon and the type of extensions your want, it could cost you anywhere from $100 to $500 each time.

It's our opinion at BeautyGARDE that the best way to get fuller and longer lashes is a natural way—by taking care of your natural lashes.

How to make natural lashes fuller and longer

The best way to get fuller lashes is to take care of your natural eyelash and avoid a lash extension. Here are some tips to make your natural lashes fuller, longer, and healthier:

  • Use a lash serum or growth serum

  • Take your vitamins

  • Remove your makeup properly at the end of every day

  • Curl lashes before putting on mascara

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes

  • Don't use synthetic lashes (whether extensions or false lashes)

Recommended BeautyGARDE products

  • Damage Control Lash & Brow Fortifier: This serum helps your lashes grow back longer and fuller thanks to the natural proprietary formula. It increases the diameter of your hair follicles on your lash line, so thick lashes can grow.

  • Lash & Brow Shampoo: If you wear makeup on your lashes, whether it be mascara, eyeliner, or both, it's essential to remove it before you go to bed each night. Failing to remove your makeup can result in lost lashes. Our Lash & Brow Shampoo safely removes even the heaviest makeup and is gentle on your lashes.

  • Launch Vitamin Tincture: Vitamins are key for fuller and longer lashes. Our Launch Vitamin Tincture gives you a nice dose of biotin, collagen, and horsetail for thicker and stronger hair. Simply take two full droppers full each day.


Do lash extensions damage your lash line?

Lash extensions are attached to your individual lashes, not your lash line like false ones. So, although they won't damage your lash line directly, extensions can still result in your natural lashes being pulled out, so you could end up with gaps in your lash line until the new hair starts growing.

Is it possible to make natural eyelashes longer and fuller?

Yes! Use a lash serum daily to promote healthier and fuller growth of your natural lashes. You can also take vitamins to encourage the growth of healthier lashes.