First, let’s get this question out of the way: Can you even wear mascara with false eyelashes? In a word, absolutely!

Whatever your preferred eyelash enhancement – extensions, strip lashes or magnetic lashes – you ultimately want the same thing from your mascara. You want that next-level impact, but you don’t want to mess up your lashes in the process. Who wants to go back to the salon and pay for repairs or replacement extensions? Not me. I’m all about protecting your investment.

Why Use Mascara With False Eyelashes?

  1. Darken Your Lashes.

    You may have chosen extensions in brown to better match your natural lashes. Not only will mascara add volume, but it will darken both your upper and lower lashes. Oh, hello bottom lashes.

  2. Fill Gaps.

    Magnetic and strip lashes leave a small gap between them and your natural lash line. Mascara seamlessly fills that gap.

  3. Add Volume.

    While fake eyelashes definitely give you that long, sexy flutter, sometimes you still want to amplify the look. Turn up the volume.

  4. Great For Extensions Too.

    As your lash extensions get older and begin to fall out with your natural lashes, mascara adds volume to the spaces between your remaining extensions.

When you think about mascara for your falsies, the most important words to remember are these: Oil-Free. Any product containing oil will seriously destroy your beautiful flutter. Why? Oil dissolves the adhesive attaching your false lashes to your lash line. Yep, really. (If you’re wearing eyelash extensions, make sure the rest of your beauty routine is oil-free, too.)

You may be wondering, “Do I put on mascara before I apply my strip lashes or magnetic lashes?” No. You put on your false lashes first, and then follow with primer and mascara. You’ll protect the wear-time of your strip lashes and eyelash extensions in the process. Follow that with our mascara for a flawless finish, and intense volume.

Which Mascaras To Avoid If You Wear False Eyelashes:

  1. Waterproof mascara.

    It’s formulated to stay put all day, and it’s hard to remove. You have to really work at it to take off waterproof mascara, and that makes it tough on false lashes. Rubbing at your lashes or using oil-based makeup remover can dissolve the lash glue attaching your falsies to your lash line. It can also pull out or break off one of your flares.

  2. Tube mascara.

    If you think waterproof mascara is hard to remove, you don’t want to go near your false lashes with tube mascara. On your own lashes, it requires just water to remove, and is supposed to come off easily in strips, or tubes. It sticks like cement to your false lashes, though.

  3. Thick mascara.

    A formulation that’s too thick will go on lumpy, and it will also tug unnecessarily at your false lashes, ultimately weakening the glue.

Do you have sensitive eyes or seasonal allergies? You’ll want to make sure that you choose a mascara that’s hypoallergenic, too. When you have sensitive eyes, it makes sense to avoid any eye makeup that may further irritate them. For seasonal allergy sufferers, you don’t need to worry that a little sneeze and extra wetness around your eyes will make your mascara run.

At the end of the day, don’t forget to use our BeautyGARDE lash and brow shampoo to remove your mascara! (Read our article, Are You Properly Cleaning Your Lash Extensions and Eyebrows?)