You may have just bought your first pair of false lashes (or maybe you’re considering some), and now you’re wondering, “can I reuse these?” Good question. The answer depends first on the type of lash enhancements you purchased.

Lash Extensions

If you just went to a salon to have eyelash extensions applied, they are not reusable. Whether you got individual lash extensions, flares or clusters, they cannot be saved for reuse. They will eventually fall out along with the natural lashes they’re attached to, and you probably won’t even be aware of it at the time. (For more information about lash extensions, see our article “Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Eyelash Extensions.”)

Individual Lashes, Clusters or Flares Applied at Home

You can also buy individual false lashes, flares or clusters to apply at home. As with lash extensions, the individual false lashes you apply at home may be sloughed off while you wear them – this can make them difficult to preserve for reuse. In theory, you may be able to reuse the clusters or flares. In practice, though, it depends on the type of lash glue you use, and the quality of falsies. Clusters or flares can be reused if they don’t fall out on their own, and you keep them clean. If they’re inexpensive, the manufacturer may only have intended them to be used once or twice.

Strip Lashes

When it comes to strip lashes, there are a couple of things to consider before you buy – comfort and quality. The comfort part is simple: If your strip lashes are too stiff, heavy, uncomfortable, or cause a skin reaction of any kind, you likely won’t want to wear them again.

At the drug store, you can buy some very inexpensive strip lashes with self-adhesive bands. Self-adhesive strip lashes are disposable. Don’t try to reuse them. You’ll find a lot of other strip lash choices at the drug store. Most of the falsies that you find are in the $3 to $6 range. (For more information about false lashes, read our article “Choosing False Eyelashes - Which Type Is Right For You?”) You may or may not be able to use them again. If they survive the night, you may be able to wear them once more, but they’re not made to last for long.

Which False Lashes Are Made to Last?

Do you love the look of faux lashes? Then it’s worth your money to invest a bit more in a set that you can wear again and again. The best false lashes are light, comfortable, and made to last....and they make you look bomb when you wear them.


Eye Makeup That Won't Damage Your False Lashes

BeautyGARDE lash & brow shampoo is designed specifically for use with faux lashes. It comes with a unique charcoal brush head that locks into place. Once the brush head is locked into place, you just gently cleanse the entire area from your brows to your lashes, avoiding rubbing and scrubbing that can tear at your lash line! Our lash & brow shampoo is meant to protect your false lashes. If you want your falsies to last as long as possible, make sure you clean them with every wearing.