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Cuticle Care Duo

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Unlock the secret to healthy, radiant nails with our nourishing Guardian Cuticle Oil and Vanish Cuticle Remover. This duo delivers unparalleled hydration and conditioning for your nails and cuticles. 

At the heart of this duo lies the Guardian Cuticle Oil, imbued with the power to deeply penetrate the nail bed. This luxurious oil replenishes moisture and fortifies nail health. Complementing this is Vanish, our creamy formulated Cuticle Remover that effortlessly dissolves stubborn cuticle buildup and sets the stage for a flawless manicure. 

This duo comes with one bottle of Guardian Cuticle Oil and one bottle of Vanish Cuticle Remover.


  • Ultra Hydrating, Soothing & Nourishing  
  • Infused with Vitamin E and Coconut Oil  
  • Loosen and removes cuticle buildup and dead skin by softening them 
  • Helps polish adhere to the nail plate 
  • Locks in moisture 
  • Get soft, smooth cuticles for a healthier appearance 

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What's Inside

Cuticle Care Duo
Guadian Cuticle oil

A lightweight Vitamin E infused formula that will safely soften, protect, and nourish even the most damaged or dry cuticles.
Protect, nourish and repair cracked, brittle and dry cuticles with Guardian Cuticle Oil. The lightweight formula provides intense hydration to restore both the cuticle and nail by increasing circulation, stimulating growth, and offering a layer of protection. Use alone or after your completely dried manicure and pedicure.

Vanish Cuticle Remover

A gentle, creamy formula designed to dissolve cuticle buildup and soften dead skin for a healthier appearance and optimal polish application.

Pamper your nails with Vanish, a gentle and creamy formula meticulously crafted to dissolve cuticle buildup and soften dead skin. This magical elixir effortlessly loosens and removes cuticle buildup, creating a flawless canvas for optimal polish application. With its milky formula, this cream delicately dissolves cuticles without causing any damage, promoting healthier nails with every use. Experience the transformation as it locks in moisture, all without the hassle of soaking in water. Revel in the beauty of soft, smooth cuticles and a healthier nail appearance.

Guadian Cuticle oil
Vanish Cuticle Remover
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