Company Profile

BeautyGARDE Company Profile

Our Story

Our Story is just beginning and we hope you'll join us in shaping our Company and Brand. BeautyGARDE was launched in January 2017 by co-founders Nonie Creme and David Lonczak. Our Vision is to create a Brand focused on developing and offering innovative and thoughtful cosmetic products, tools and solutions that are effective and practical, and a great value for our customers.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to educate, lead and inspire our customers with innovative and effective products and tools to help them find and get their look.

Our Products

Our initial Products are in the lash and eye makeup category, with special attention paid to making our Products false lash and lash extension friendly.  The initial line includes: Oil-Free Mascara, Oil-Free Priming Sealant, Oil-Free Liquid Eyeliner, Oil-Free Lash & Brow Shampoo, a collection of Faux Lashes (aka Strip Lashes), and Faux Lash Adhesive. Over time, BeautyGARDE will thoughtfully expand the line as we discover new areas in which to bring innovation and value to our customers.

Our Brand Portfolio

BeautyGARDE and LashGARDE.

Our Responsibilty

We believe in the importance of building a great, sustainable Company that strikes a balance between growth and a social conscience.  Since we are just starting out, it will start with small steps - but we are committed to embracing diversity (beginning with being a Latina founded Company) in our hiring and vendor selection, being animal friendly and cruelty free, practicing environmental stewardship, and fostering community involvement.

Our Location

BeautyGARDE is located in Seattle's historic International District, which is a rich cultural center with a vibrant atmosphere that lies just south of the downtown business district. This is arguably one of the most unique and proud neighborhoods in the city - and it provides an inspiring environment for a startup cosmetics Company with big dreams.