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Best Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serums

Are you suffering from short, stubby lashes? Do you have a wispy, thin lash line or missing lashes? Worry not. A full, sexy flutter is still possible. Whether your lashes are naturally short, or you’ve experienced lash loss or breakage, there’s an eyelash growth option for every budget.

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How To Make Eyelash Extensions & Fake Lashes Last Longer

When is it a good idea to use makeup containing oil? Almost never, to be honest. If you have a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis, you may need to lock-in moisture on your skin. For those with dry skin, adequate moisture is also a concern. But it’s not the job of your cosmetics to moisturize. 

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Which Type Of Mascara Should I Use with Eyelash Extensions

Ok, first things first: Can you wear mascara with eyelash extensions? Yes,absolutely. While it’s not strictly necessary, applying mascara can accomplish a few things

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How To Clean False Lashes And Eyelash Extensions

If I had to guess, I’d say that you normally clean your face, lashes, and brows all at once by pumping some cleanser into your hands, slapping them together and then rubbing it all on your face, before rinsing and hoping for the best

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Which Type Of Eyeliner Should I Use With False Lashes?

Much as we love all the tools in our beauty arsenal, we need to switch it up while wearing false lashes and eyelash extensions. Don’t think of it as a sacrifice. It’s more like streamlining your beauty routine

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Best Eye Makeup For Magnetic Eyelashes

Unlike other falsies, magnetic lashes don’t require lash glue to apply. So how do magnetic lashes work, exactly? You apply them by sandwiching your lash line between the strip of magnetic lashes and the magnets that hold them in place. 

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The Best Mascara For Sensitive Eyes

Are Watery Red Eyes Part of Your Notice-Me Look? I Didn’t Think So!
So it turns out that what’s good for false lashes is also good for sensitive eyes. Yes, you heard that right. Generally speaking, the same things that you’d want to avoid for your falsies are the things you’ll want to steer clear of if you have sensitive eyes.

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What Is The Best Mascara For False Eyelashes?

First, let’s get this question out of the way: Can you even wear mascara with false eyelashes? In a word, ABSOLUTELY. Whatever your preferred eyelash enhancement – extensions, strip lashes or magnetic lashes – you ultimately want the same thing from your mascara. 

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Which False Eyelashes Are Reusable?

You may have just bought your first pair of false lashes (or maybe you're considering some), and now you're wondering, "can I reuse these?" Good question. The answer depends first on the type of lash enhancements you purchased.

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Hottest Eyelash Extension Looks For 2018

If you've been bottling up your creativity and getting bored with what you see in the mirror, 2018 is the year to bust out. A girl can get a little too comfortable with her beauty routine. There are definitely days when you want your look to be low maintenance. We get it. But sometimes you just gotta slay.

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If you're looking to try strip lashes or cluster lashes for the first time, you may be wondering what's available. You can find them at a variety of price points. They're sold at drug stores, cosmetic retailers like Sephora, department stores, and of course, at online stores as well. You can also generally buy them straight from the manufacturer on their websites, too. Want to know how all these fake lashes differ?

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Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Eyelash Extensions

Are you thinking about eyelash extensions? Maybe you've seen a friend with an amazing new flutter, and you're wondering what they are, how they're applied, and the different styles available. Perhaps you're a strip-lash pro, and you're thinking about that next-level look for a special occasion or… every day. I've got the skinny for you right here.

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Do You Have Eyelash Mites? Up To 80% Of People Do!

Up to 80% of You Have Eyelash Mites - Are You One of Them?
Just the reading the words "eyelash mites" is probably freaking you OUT. Well, never fear, they are as creepy as they sound, but they can be banished. As many as 80% of the population currently have eyelash mites, or Demodex folliculitis, right now.

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