Our Story


Beauty treatments that WORK. Vegan, cruelty-free, seven-free, made in the USA, and created by beauty expert, Nonie Creme.

About Us

From the Founding Creative Director of Butter London and Colour Prevails, Nonie Creme, comes BeautyGARDE. Our mission is to create hero products that speak to beauty at every age. We believe in the importance of building a great, sustainable Company that strikes a balance between growth and a social conscience. We are committed to embracing diversity (beginning with being a Latina founded Company) in our hiring and vendor selection, being animal friendly and cruelty free, practicing environmental stewardship, and fostering community involvement.

Meet Nonie

Nonie worked her way up from London nail shop girl to Manicurist to the Stars before turning her hand to beauty product development and design as Founding Creative Director of Butter London. After her next stint in NYC at the helm of Colour Prevails, Nonie started her third beauty company, BeautyGARDE, to serve the needs of women like herself - looking for answers to reduced lash and brow volume, thinner lips and nail damage. You can now also enjoy watching Nonie’s unique love story on Lifetime Television's hit reality show, Marrying Millions!