Protect Your Skin With These Anti-Pollution Skincare Products

different anti-pollution skincare productsWe think a lot about the effects of pollution on our lungs and respiratory system, and rightly so, but have you ever considered pollution’s effects on your skin? Probably not, right? Western scientists only began to study the issue in the last couple of years, so the impact of pollution on our skin is not yet widely understood in the U.S.

Where Did Anti-Pollution Skincare Start?

Asian beauty companies introduced the first anti-pollution skincare products around 2016. That year, according to data compiled by the World Health Organization, air pollution in major cities around the world had risen at an alarming 8% in just five years. In particular, people in large Asian cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai and Delhi lived with dangerous levels of air pollution. Companies like Shiseido responded by developing new skincare lines to address the growing health impacts of air pollution.

How Does Pollution Affect Your Skin?

It’s common knowledge that too much exposure to the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays is harmful for our skin, so we’ve grown accustomed to using sunscreen. Before we can take steps to protect our skin from air pollution, however, we need to know what we’re protecting ourselves from.

A 2016 study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology linked traffic-related air pollution to premature hyperpigmentation (dark spots) and skin aging. The study cites particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) exposure as particularly concerning. Ozone, which is formed when the exhaust from cars reacts with compounds in the air, is thought to be one of the largest contributors to premature cellular damage. “It’s as if ozone were designed specifically to injure our skin,” Dr. Giuseppe Valacchi, an expert on pollution’s effects on the human body, told The New York Times.

Dr. Anne Chapas also told The New York Times, “People forget that the main goal of our skin is to be an immune barrier. So the main goal is to keep things out of the body. If you have a compromised skin barrier, it’s letting things in.”

Urban Pollution vs. Rural Pollution

Heavier concentrations of smog in urban areas lead to generally higher exposure to harmful air pollution for city dwellers. The effects of climate change mean that prolonged wildfires and other pollutants can also impact the air in suburban and rural areas, too.

Indoor Air Pollution

Everyone is affected by the quality of the air indoors. Because we spend so much time inside our homes and work places, indoor air pollution is every bit as concerning as air pollution outside. Off-gassing from wall paints, carpets, wood varnishes and new furniture all affect the air quality of our indoor environments. Fireplaces also contribute to poor air quality.

What Are The Best Pollution-Fighting Skincare Products?

What can you do to fight the effects of pollution? Cleanse and protect the immune barrier of your skin. Make sure that you regularly wash away pollutants from your face each night. The skin on your face is more vulnerable than the rest of your body, which is covered and protected by your clothing. Use skincare products that are specifically designed to combat air pollution.

Hydrated skin is the most protective immune barrier, so make sure to regularly moisturize and hydrate. Dryness leaves your skin vulnerable. Treat your skin with products that contain Vitamins A, C and E. The antioxidants in these vitamins protect your skin from free radicals in air pollution. Not only that, but the benefits of antioxidants extend beyond their ability to fight free-radical damage. They are potent cancer fighters, and they protect us from the effects of sun damage and aging, too.

BeautyGARDE Magic Charcoal Facial Cleanser

Magic Charcoal Facial Cleanser is packed with essential fatty acids, proteins, and Vitamins A, C, D and E. Charcoal powder in the cleanser binds to toxins and pollutants, pulling them from your skin. The innovative packaging features a lock-in-place top with small silicone fingers that gently massage your skin, working with the charcoal powder in the milky cleanser to draw out impurities, dead skin cells and makeup.

BeautyGARDE Lash & Brow Shampoo

In combination with the Magic Charcoal Facial Cleanser, our Lash & Brow Shampoo will gently wash away grime and makeup from your eye area. The charcoal-infused locking brush head gently washes between your lashes and through your eyebrows to clear away impurities and release makeup trapped in those hard to cleanse areas. The oil-free formulation means you can protect your false lashes from damage and the delicate skin around your eyes from pollution.

BeautyGARDE No-Rinse Facial Sheet Masks

Infused with hyaluronic acid and collagen, BeautyGARDE Facial Sheet Masks are potent hydrating treatments designed to nourish and protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun and air pollution. They are rich with multiple antioxidants to counter the effects free radicals. Even better, you don’t need to rinse away all the wonderful hydrators and antioxidants when you remove the sheet mask. Just rub in any remaining serum, and apply moisturizer. Read more about the benefits of sheet masks in our article 7 Types of Sheet Masks Compared – Learn Why Sheet Masks are Best.

Babyface Facial Sheet Mask

High mountain oolong tea and citrus extracts combine to deliver an extra-potent dose of antioxidants to plump your skin. Collagen-infused fibers attach the sheet mask securely so it doesn’t fall off your face when you move. This also means you get the best hydrating experience, soaking up the dynamic hydrating duo of collagen and hyaluronic acid for Babyface skin.

Hangover Hero Facial Sheet Mask

Polyphenols in black tea and antioxidants in spinach team up with charcoal in this sheet mask for some serious detoxifying. Dull, tired skin instantly feels hydrated and bouncy – a dewy, protective barrier to the air pollution of the world. Charcoal will draw out impurities and toxins, but your skin will not absorb the charcoal.

Use BeautyGARDE Magic Charcoal Facial Cleanser along with the Lash & Brow Shampoo every day as part of your anti-pollution skincare routine. Add BeautyGARDE No-Rinse Facial Sheet Masks up to twice per week as an added layer in your anti-pollution skincare defense.

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