Rocket Nail Fuel Color Trio
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Rocket Nail Fuel Color Trio

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Rocket Nail Fuel Color Pack!

Another legendary nail formula created by our Founder, Nonie Creme.

These Vegan nail treatments use the power of plant extracts, garlic and horsetail herb, to help restore even the most damaged nails from the inside out.

Horsetail (herb) is loaded with silica, which is renowned for its ability to strengthen brittle, bending, or peeling nails at a cellular level.  This is combined with Garlic extract, whose selenium content speeds nail growth for fast results.

 Instructions for Rocket Nail Fuel:

*Apply one coat every day (on top of the last coat) for 5-7 days before removing all product with nail polish remover and beginning the process again.

*A full growth cycle for nails is typically 8-10 weeks, so please be prepared to be committed and patient J

 *We do not recommend using this product with other brands. Proper penetration of product may not occur when used with other brands, which could impede results.


 *Touch dry in 60 seconds, and hard within 4 minutes.


 *Always wear gloves when your hands are exposed to household chemicals (cleaning/dishwashing, gardening, etc.) Exposure to household chemicals may cause this product to peel.


Instructions for use with Rocket Nail Color:

*Apply one coat of clear Rocket Nail Fuel to clean, dry nails. Apply 1-2 coats of Rocket Nail Color. Apply one thin coat of Rocket Nail Fuel as topcoat. Wait 24 hours and then begin to apply Rocket Nail Fuel as directed on top of your manicure.