Which Eyeliner is Best for Sensitive Eyes and Eyelids?

woman applying eyeliner to sensitive eyes

Seasonal allergy sufferers and those with animal or other allergies need to be careful about eye makeup choices. The same goes for people with eczema or skin sensitivities. If you have sensitive skin, you’re more likely to react adversely to a product than someone with no known allergies. Taking simple precautions ahead of time prevents needless discomfort in the future.

How Does Eyeliner Affect Sensitive Eyes and Eyelids?

When we have an allergic reaction to a substance, our body responds by creating antibodies to attack it. Special cells, called mast cells, are put into action to formulate the body’s response to the invading allergen. Want to know where mast cells are found in large concentrations? Aside from the lungs, stomach and intestines, we have a lot of mast cells in the eyes and nose. Not only that, but the skin around the eyes is thin and delicate, and particularly sensitive. If you have eczema, sensitive skin, or seasonal allergies, your body is already primed to react to an ingredient it doesn’t like.

Consequently, trying out new makeup on the back of your hand first can be a game changer. Wait an hour or two for a reaction before you consider putting it on your eyes. It’s a lot easier to deal with an itchy hand than itchy, swollen eyes, right?

In addition, dry eyes don’t produce enough tears to flush out allergens. They are therefore more vulnerable to those allergens. Similarly, eyes with contacts in them have their own unique vulnerabilities.   

Tightlining with Sensitive Eyes

If you have sensitive eyes, you probably want to avoid using eyeliner on your waterline. This process is called tightlining. Because the eyeliner is applied to a very sensitive part of the eyelid, it’s more likely to cause a reaction.

Who Benefits from Hypoallergenic Eyeliner?

In a word, everyone. Skincare and makeup products designed for those with sensitivities are typically better for all of us. When manufacturers are careful to avoid common allergens and known toxins, they’re not just looking out for people with allergies. It ultimately benefits all consumers when makeup is rigorously tested and cruelty-free. Want to learn more? Read our article Best Hypoallergenic Eye Makeup and Eye Makeup Remover.

The Best Liquid Eyeliner for Sensitive Eyes

Whether you wear contact lenses or you have dry eyes that react more easily to eye makeup, your eyeliner should be formulated for eyes like yours. It should be free of parabens, fragrance, phthalates, glycol and other known carcinogens and toxins. Make sure you always read the label on products that you wear around your eyes.

BeautyGARDE Oil-Free Liquid Eyeliner

Our oil-free eyeliner does just that. It’s gluten-free, cruelty-free, and free of the substances listed above. BeautyGARDE Oil-Free Liquid Liner was rigorously tested on human volunteers. Not only is it gentle on your eyes, it’s false-lash friendly, too. The oil-free formulation means it won’t damage the lash glue for your extensions or strip lashes.

When you’ve created that perfect wing or cat eye, you don’t want a little watery eye to make it run. One of the things that sucks about allergies is just how much they can mess with your makeup! In addition to a formulation that doesn’t cause a reaction, you want makeup that will stay in place if you sneeze a little.

For those who wear false lashes, waterproof eyeliner and mascara are not an option. Waterproof makeup requires oil-based eye makeup removers and a lot of friction to get it off. The oil and the rubbing required to remove waterproof eye makeup can cause redness and irritation. Waterproof makeup may seem like a great idea if you have allergies, because you know it will stay in place if your eyes water. Unfortunately, sensitive eyes tend to react to waterproof formulations more easily. BeautyGARDE Oil-Free Liquid Eyeliner is not waterproof, but it is water-resistant. It can handle a little bit of watery eyes without coming off.

BeautyGARDE Oil-Free Priming Sealant

Got sensitive eyes and short lashes? All of our eye makeup has gone through the same rigorous testing, so the priming sealant is hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive eyes, too. The thin, gel-like consistency of the priming sealant goes on smoothly, gripping your lashes, so they can hold the maximum pass of mascara. No clumping. The primer, like all BeautyGARDE eye makeup, is false-lash friendly, too.

BeautyGARDE Oil-Free Mascara

Formulated with false lashes and sensitive eyes in mind, our water-based mascara contains no oils that will dissolve lash glue or irritate delicate skin. It goes on smoothly, giving you next level volume and length. BeautyGARDE Oil-Free Mascara is smudge-proof and never runs. When paired with the priming sealant, your lashes will be extra. Read our article The Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes for more details!

Protect Your Eye Health: Throw Away Old Makeup

It may seem like beauty companies are just trying to make money when they tell you to replace your makeup every three months. Consult an independent expert if you don’t believe this guideline. They will all tell you the same thing: Makeup harbors bacteria once it comes in contact with your skin, and should be replaced every three months. Keeping it longer increases your risk of infection.

BeautyGARDE Oil-Free Lash & Brow Shampoo

When you’re done for the day and ready to remove all your makeup, our lash & brow shampoo will gently remove everything from your brows to your lashes without irritating sensitive eyes. You don’t need cotton balls or cotton pads, and there’s no rubbing or scrubbing necessary. With an innovating locking brush head, cleansing your eye area is as simple as a few swipes downward to spread the gentle, oil-free cleanser over your eyelids and through your lashes. The charcoal-infused brush will bind to makeup, bacteria and grime from the day. Run the brush under the water, and rinse it off.

Completely removing all your makeup every night is important for sensitive eyes and skin. Sleeping with your makeup on creates an environment that is ripe for bacteria and potential eye infections, not to mention eye mites. Have you heard of eye mites? If not, read our article Do You Have Eye Mites? Up to 80% of People Do!

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