If you use fake lashes or eyelash extensions, you need to remove eyelash glue properly so you don't damage your natural lashes. Removing eyelash glue must be done carefully—don't rush the process!

But first, a note on false lashes

Before we get into how to remove lash glue, we must discuss why we at BeautyGARDE prefer to avoid any fake lashes or lash extensions altogether.

Wearing false lashes can severely damage your natural lashes. Lash adhesive is quite strong, making it easy to pull out your natural lashes, leaving gaps on your lash line.

If you're desperate for thicker or longer lashes, we recommend using serums designed especially for this. It may take longer, and you may not get the exact look you're after, but you will get healthier and natural lashes.

Remove your makeup

Before removing fake lashes and lash glue, remove any makeup you're currently wearing. Be sure to use a good makeup remover, such as BeautyGARDE's Lash and Brow Shampoo. This gentle eye makeup cleanser and remover is designed to protect your natural lashes and brows.

Take a hot shower or steam your face

Before removing false eyelashes, taking a hot shower or steaming your face can help make it easier. Don't try to remove the lashes until you're out of the shower or done steaming.

The steam and hot water will help to loosen up and soften the eyelash extension glue, making the fake lashes easier to remove.

Use the proper eyelash glue remover

You can also use a lash glue dissolver—this is faster than steaming or taking a hot shower. Simply grab a cotton swab or pad and apply the dissolver to the lash extensions or lash line for fake lashes.

Follow the instructions on the dissolver—you should be able to remove the fake lashes with a pair of tweezers easily.

Use an oil-based face cleanser

An oil-based face cleanser (e.g., coconut oil) kills two birds with one stone. Oil-based cleansers will help to loosen lash glue, so while washing your face, you'll also be removing eyelash glue in the process.

However, note that oil-based cleansers shorten the lifetime of false eyelashes, so keep this in mind if using an oil-based cleanser for the first time.

Remove any leftover glue residue

Once you've removed your false eyelashes or extensions, you'll want to remove any leftover glue residue from your lashes and lash line. This can be done easier with an oil-based eye makeup remover or even with an oil-based eye cream.

Removing any remaining glue is essential, as anything leftover can damage your lashes.

Do not be rough with your eyes!

An important thing to remember when removing eyelash glue and false lashes is to be gentle with your eyes. If you have irritation, gently rub your eyes, and don't be aggressive, as that can pull out or damage your natural lashes.

When using products on your lashes, gently wipe them with a cotton pad and strip lashes off using tweezers.

Remember, lashes don't grow back immediately—you'll be waiting weeks for your lashes to grow back.


What kind of fake eyelashes use glue?

Eyelash glue is pretty much used for all types of fake lashes or eyelash extensions. With fake lashes, the lash glue is applied to the lash line, where the lashes are attached. With eyelash extensions, the adhesive is applied to each individual strand of lash and applied to your natural lashes.

Is it safe to remove eyelash glue at home?

It is absolutely possible to remove eyelash glue at home, but you must use the right products and be gentle with your lashes, or you risk damage to your natural lashes and may even end up with gaps in your lash line.

Use the methods above to remove eyelash glue safely at home.

How do I remove eyelash glue without remover?

If you don't have eyelash glue remover, there are other products you can use to help remove fake eyelashes, including:

  • Oil-based makeup removers

  • Oil-based face cleansers

  • Vaseline

You can also try steaming your face or taking a hot shower to help with loosening eyelash extensions. However, this may not be as effective as using oil-based products.