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The Complete Nail System


This versatile kit is a one-stop solution for a stunning manicure, carefully curated to meet all your nail care needs. Whether you desire a flawless, chip-resistant finish or are looking...

Rocket Nail Fuel Repair Original Duo


Your must have set for your nail repair treatment plan. This duo includes TWO Rocket Nail Fuel Nail Repair Original. Rocket Nail Fuel Nail Repair is a revolutionary strengthening &...

Cling Color Grip Top Coat


A plump, high shine top coat designed to create a protective shell around nail polish for the longest wear yet. The thicker formula smooths imperfections for a flawless manicure or...

Cuticle Care Duo


Unlock the secret to healthy, radiant nails with our nourishing Guardian Cuticle Oil and Vanish Cuticle Remover. This duo delivers unparalleled hydration and conditioning for your nails and cuticles.  At...

Longwear Nail Polish - Moonstone


Take your classic pink manicure into outer space with this stunning, multi-dimensional holograph polish. A light purple polish that shatters into a rainbow prism under light.    Nail polish that...

Rocket Nail Fuel Nail Repair - Clear


Rocket Nail Fuel Nail Repair is a revolutionary strengthening & repair treatment for weak, brittle or damaged nails. Nail overlay systems like gel & acrylic, age, cleaning products and even...

Dual Base & Top Coat


A versatile solution for an effortless at home nail care routine. As a base coat, it preps your nails for polish, and when applied as a top coat, it effectively...

Vanish Cuticle Remover


A gentle, creamy formula designed to dissolve cuticle buildup and soften dead skin for a healthier appearance and optimal polish application.  Pamper your nails with Vanish, a gentle and creamy...

Guardian Cuticle Oil


A lightweight Vitamin E infused formula that will safely soften, protect, and nourish even the most damaged or dry cuticles. Protect, nourish and repair cracked, brittle and dry cuticles with...

Grip Color Lock Base Coat


A highly grippy base coat designed to adhere to nail polish for the longest wear yet. The thicker formula provides just the right amount of stick, making it versatile for...

Longwear Nail Polish - Latte


A versatile shade that starts off sheer but can be built up to a beautiful opaque finish. This medium tone neutral has a subtle hint of pink that adds a...

Rocket Remover


Plant-powered, strength building, and acetone-free nail polish remover that easily erases all nail polish (even glitter!), while nourishing and supporting the nail matrix. Rocket Remover is a highly effective acetone-free...

Natural Manicure Kit


Save 10% By Bundling Together! Indulge in a luxurious at-home manicure with our Natural Nail Manicure Kit. Begin by gently dissolving cuticle buildup with Vanish Cuticle Remover. Strengthen and nourish...

Rocket Nail Fuel Nail Repair - Purple


Traditional Rocket Nail Fuel with a twist - a buildable treatment throughout the week for those times you want to go natural with your nails. Apply one coat a day...

Longwear Nail Polish - Barely There


The ultimate next-to-nothing nail polish shade that gives your nails a subtle, sun-kissed glow. With its faint tan undertone, this sheer polish creates a delicate and natural look that enhances...

The Nail Repair Kit


Revitalize your nails with the ultimate Nail Repair Kit. Whether you opt for the Original Rocket Nail Fuel or the luxurious Rocket Nail Fuel Purple, you'll receive a powerful formula...

The Nail Polish Color Trio


Three plant-based strengthening long-wear nail polish colors of your choice. Save 10% by bundling together. Nail polish that does something! Longwear Nail Polish is a highly pigmented nail polish specially...

Mix & Match Kit


Experience the Ultimate Personalized Manicure: Choose 4 Plant-Powered Nail Polishes, Top Coats, or Base Coats to meet your every nail desire and need! Whether you want a nail treatment or...

Mani Subscription Box


Transform your nail routine with our subscription box full of all your nail care essentials! With this exclusive service, you'll enjoy a hassle-free nail care experience delivered straight to your doorstep...

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