Longwear Nail Polish - Santa Fe


A true turquoise shade that offers an opaque and full coverage finish. This mesmerizing hue captures the spirit of the Southwest, embodying its bold and lively energy.   Nail polish...

Longwear Nail Polish - Navy


A classic and rich navy blue shade with an opaque finish. Designed to deliver maximum impact with minimal effort, this shade only needs one coat to achieve full coverage that...

Longwear Nail Polish - Blue Sky


An opaque pastel “baby blue” shade that's perfect for a dreamy and flawless manicure or pedicure. This shade offers full coverage while its soft blue hue creates a subtle and...

Longwear Nail Polish - Dream


Immerse yourself in the ethereal depths of your dreams with this enchanting blue shade. Mirroring a frost-kissed world of dreams, this color is your dreamy blue for winter days.   ...

Longwear Nail Polish - The Smell of Rain


A muted blue shade that reflect the calm after a storm. It captures the tranquil and cool ambiance of those rain-kissed moments.    Nail polish that does something! Longwear Nail...

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