Rocket Nail Color - Mauve Madame


This classic opaque mauve is versatile and flatters every skin tone, making it a must-have in every nail polish collection.  Nail polish that does something! Rocket Nail Color is a...

Rocket Nail Color - Wink


This polish looks like a hug feels. Perfectly delicious pale lavender to bring joy (and unbelievable strength) to every mani/pedi. Sweet but tough, just like you. Nail polish that does...

Rocket Nail Color - Moonstone


Take your classic pink manicure into outer space with this stunning, multi-dimensional holograph polish. A light purple polish that shatters into a rainbow prism under light.  Nail polish that does something!...

Rocket Nail Color - Influencer


A rich grape purple with a metallic shimmer that will make you feel like a trendsetter. This vibrant and fun shade is perfect for those who aren't afraid to be...

Rocket Nail Color - Violet


A joyful and vivid opaque shade of purple. This stunning color, with just a hint of blue, effortlessly slides into the violet family, adding depth and uniqueness to your manicure....

Rocket Nail Color - Midnight Plum


A very dark shimmer polish that features a deep purple hue with a subtle pinkish-violet shimmer in certain light. Nail polish that does something! Rocket Nail Color is a highly...

Rocket Nail Color - Hard Candy


A playful and vibrant shade that will give your nails a pop of color. This opaque pale purple, with hints of electric lilac, adds a unique and eye-catching touch to...

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