Manicure Tutorial Best Sellers

Rocket Remover


Plant-powered, strength building, and acetone-free nail polish remover that easily erases all nail polish (even glitter!), while nourishing and supporting the nail matrix. Rocket Remover is a highly effective acetone-free...

Guardian Cuticle Oil


A lightweight Vitamin E infused formula that will safely soften, protect, and nourish even the most damaged or dry cuticles. Protect, nourish and repair cracked, brittle and dry cuticles with...

Smooth Ridge Filler


Smooth out fingernail ridges and imperfections instantly with this strengthening base coat. Wear alone or under your favorite nail color. Nail ridges can happen for a variety of reasons but...

Flash Quick Dry Drops


Dry wet nail polish in a flash with our ultimate polish drying drops. Seal your manicure & pedicure with Flash Quick Dry Drops. This fast acting formula protects your nails...

Rocket Nail Fuel Nail Repair - Purple


Traditional Rocket Nail Fuel with a twist - a buildable treatment throughout the week for those times you want to go natural with your nails. Apply one coat a day...

Melt Nail Polish Thinner


Don't throw out your nail polish! Restore it back to new in seconds with Melt Polish Thinner.  Rehydrate and smooth out thick polish with Melt Polish Thinner. With just a few...

Vanish Cuticle Remover


A gentle, creamy formula designed to dissolve cuticle buildup and soften dead skin for a healthier appearance and optimal polish application.  Pamper your nails with Vanish, a gentle and creamy...

Cuticle Care Duo


Unlock the secret to healthy, radiant nails with our nourishing Guardian Cuticle Oil and Vanish Cuticle Remover. This duo delivers unparalleled hydration and conditioning for your nails and cuticles.  At...

Top Coat Trio


A collection of three top coats tailored to meet every manicure need. Elevate your nail experience with this versatile trio, whether you are looking for a thick shell of protection,...

Natural Manicure Kit


Save 10% By Bundling Together! Indulge in a luxurious at-home manicure with our Natural Nail Manicure Kit. Begin by gently dissolving cuticle buildup with Vanish Cuticle Remover. Strengthen and nourish...

Longwear Nail Polish - Vintage


Throw on your favorite vintage t shirt and this shade making the perfect match. This neutral pink is where vintage meets modern flair.   Nail polish that does something! Longwear...

Longwear Nail Polish - Lace


Picture the soft glimmer of lace under moonlight, and you'll get a sense of the magical allure of this subtle opal hue. This opulent shade features an opaque base with...

Longwear Nail Polish - Cashmere


Capturing the essence of luxurious comfort and understated beauty, this shade is reminiscent of the delicate touch of cashmere. The soothing tone of pink is as timeless as your favorite...

Summer Collection


Introducing our Summer Collection, shades full of vibrancy inspired by our favorite summer drinks and treats. Each color celebrates the brightness we can find during summer and the memories we...

Longwear Nail Polish - Knit Sweater


Get lost in the comfort and coziness of your favorite knit sweater. That warm embrace is the inspiration for this creamy and neutral pink shade, a perfect touch of color...

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