Which Face Highlighter Is Best For Your Skin Tone & Complexion Type?

woman-with-fair-skin-using-face-highlighterColor is the key to flattering makeup. When someone nails the color of their makeup, they just look good. You don’t necessarily zero in on any one thing, you just notice that their makeup is on point. On the other hand, when a person’s lipstick looks too dark or too light for their complexion, that’s all you notice.

None of us want to be noticed for the wrong reason. Like all your makeup, a highlighter won’t look flattering if the color is off.

How Do You Match a Highlighter or Strobing Makeup to Your Skin Tone?

The best way to choose a highlighter hue is to look at yourself in good lighting and pay attention to the undertones in your skin. In that respect, it’s similar to selecting the right foundation or blush.

Do you have warm or cool undertones in your skin? Your clothing can be a good guide here. Do you look best in cool shades (icy blue, cranberry red, turquoise or lavender) or warm shades like yellow, orange, tomato red or lime? What colors are you wearing when you get the most compliments?

Coolness and warmth range on a scale, of course. A general rule of thumb among makeup artists is that your highlighter should be about two shades lighter than your skin tone.

Best Highlighter for Pale to Fair Skin

Most light or fair-skinned people have pink undertones in their skin. Cool, silvery to pink highlighters look best on lighter skin.

Best Highlighter for Medium to Olive Skin

Medium to olive complexions generally have warm undertones. Champagne, peach and gold tones are ideal for olive to medium skin tones.

Best Highlighter for Tan to Dark Skin

Dark skin can have warm or cool undertones. Medium-dark skin has more warm undertones, while very dark skin can range from warm to cool.

Highlighter or Strobing Makeup for Different Complexions

Some foundations and highlighters don’t play nice together. Keep that in mind when you’re choosing an illuminating makeup. If you use matte powder foundation, for example, a solid stick highlighter might not blend well with it.

Whatever type of highlighting product you choose, make sure to apply a little at a time and build to the level of shimmer that you want. It’s easy to add more. Removing shimmer without messing up all of your makeup is another matter, though.

You also want to make sure that you apply your makeup in the proper order. Highlighter and strobing makeup generally go on after foundation and before blush. Powder highlighter is the exception to this rule. It matters less whether powder highlighter is applied before or after blush.

Best Highlighter for Oily Skin

Oily complexions have an innate glow. Choosing a highlighter that brightens and clarifies the skin rather than amplifying oiliness is important. Avoiding oil-based and high-shine highlighters will balance natural oils and keep you from disco-ball level shimmer.

Best Highlighter for Dry Skin

A variety of highlighter styles work with dry skin – roll-on, solid stick, powder, cream, gel, liquid. If you generally choose a highlighter that works with your foundation, you’ll be in good shape.

Best Highlighter for Mature Skin

You don’t need to avoid highlighters with mature skin. As we age, skin tends to get dry, and we need to pay attention to the placement of highlighter. It’s possible to overdo highlighter and accentuate lines, large pores and dark spots. Avoid applying highlighter too heavily or on areas which you don’t want to emphasize.

BeautyGARDE Face & Body Highlighter

Our highlighter comes in both cool and warm tones. Whipped pearl is ideal for lighter skin with cool undertones, while bronzed peach is best for those with warm undertones in their skin.

BeautyGARDE Face & Body Highlighter is waterproof, long-wearing, and will take you from the beach to the club without skipping a beat. With a 12-hour wear time, the highlighter can stay out as late as you do! What’s more, it will not smudge or transfer to clothing or upholstery fabrics.

BeautyGARDE Face & Body Highlighter dries quickly, too. It will not leave your skin feeling greasy or tacky.

No need to worry about a separate product for your face. Our highlighter is designed for both face and body.

You don’t need any extra brushes or tools or apply BeautyGARDE Face & Body Highlighter. The innovative roll-on applicator means your hands don’t get messy. The soft sponge tip builds and blends color, rolling easily over your skin for a smooth, seamless finish. When you’re done, pop the cap on and toss it in your bag for next time. The tube can go anywhere you do – beach, dance club, or vacation.

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BeautyGARDE Clean Cleansing Oil

Clean cleansing oil removes your waterproof highlighter, along with any other waterproof makeup. Full of antioxidant-rich plant compounds, our blend contains geranium, olive, vitamin E, castor and rosemary oils to nourish your skin while it cleanses. Tiny rosebuds impart an intoxicating aroma.

BeautyGARDE Clean Cleansing Oil is a great addition to your anti-pollution skincare routine. The deep-cleansing oil extracts dirt, chemicals, pollution and makeup from your pores. Antioxidants in the oils fight the inflammation that causes acne.

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