Which Type of Eyeliner Should I Use with False Lashes?


Much as we love all the tools in our beauty arsenal, we need to switch it up while wearing false lashes and eyelash extensions. Don’t think of it as a sacrifice. It’s more like streamlining your beauty routine.

Products To Avoid When Wearing False Lashes or Lash Extensions:

Oil-Based Makeup

One thing you’ll want to keep out of your makeup bag when you’re wearing falsies: any cosmetics containing oil. Oil-free makeup is a must, especially in your eye area. That means you especially want to avoid mascara and eyeliner with oil. Because eyeliner is applied right at the lash line, it comes into direct contact with your false lashes, and with the glue that attaches them. Anything oil-based will eat away at the adhesive bond.

Eyeliner Pencils

Right up there with oil-based cosmetics in the no-no department is eyeliner pencils. An eye pencil, even a gel-based or creamy one, requires a little pressure to draw a line along your lashes. As you apply that pressure, you tug slightly at the lash line, and you can inadvertently tangle the flares on your eyelash extensions. Major hassle. Leave the pencils out of the makeup bag for now.

Gel Eyeliners

“What about gel eyeliners that I apply with a brush,” you might be thinking. Creamy gel liners allow a lot of creativity in your look when you’re not wearing faux lashes, but they’re heavier than most liners, and leave a residue on your falsies. That formulation gives them great staying power, sure, but it also makes them harder to remove.

What’s The Best Eyeliner To Use When Wearing False Lashes or Lash Extensions?

It must be:

  • Water-based
  • Formulated for false lashes
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy-on, easy-off
  • Smudge-proof
  • Flexible
  • …Life-proof

I mean, seriously, what’s the main thing we want our liner to do? Last all day, right? There’s nothing more frustrating than lining your eyes in the morning, and looking in the mirror a few hours later and thinking, “where did it all go?”

That won’t be a concern with BeautyGARDE oil-free liquid liner. With a thin, flexible velvet nib, you can draw a narrow, tight line along your lash, or a thicker line for more drama. Are you a cat’s eye girl? You’ll have tons of control with the BeautyGARDE liquid liner nib. Better yet: Those wings will still be there when you check your makeup later in the day.

We designed our water-based liner specifically for use with false lashes. You can wear it with strip lashes, magnetic lashes, and eyelash extensions. It won’t harm any of them. (And we didn’t harm anything in testing our liner, either. All our cosmetics are completely cruelty-free.)

If you’re a fan of magnetic lashes, you’ll want to apply our liquid liner before attaching the magnets. Wearing liner, curling your lashes, and applying our BeautyGARDE oil-free mascara will help disguise the look of the magnets. (Don’t forget to use our BeautyGARDE oil-free priming sealant before your mascara. It will provide a seal between your natural lashes and magnetic lashes, for a little extra security. And volume.)

For those with sensitive eyes or seasonal allergies, you don’t need to worry about irritation. Our eyeliner is hypoallergenic. It’s water-resistant, too. So if allergies make your eyes feel a little itchy and watery, your liquid liner will stay in place. Just remember not to rub your eyes! That’s bad news for your falsies. Keep your hands away from your eye area as much as possible with faux lashes.

At the end of the day, it won’t take a lot of work to remove your BeautyGARDE liner. It’s designed to be gentle on your false lashes, so that means easy-on, easy-off. Done. Goodnight.

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