Tired of having weak, brittle nails? Don’t worry, we know exactly how you feel. Weak nails aren’t just a menace for your perfect manicures. Sometimes, they can be dangerous. When your nails are weaker, they are more likely to peel, break, and even split.

While certainly not life-threatening, broken nails are much more painful than you might think. So, how do you avoid this common pitfall?

Aside from changing up your diet or putting on acrylics less frequently, there is one more direct approach that you can take - using a nail strengthener. And if you’re in the market for the best natural, vegan nail strengthener, you’ve come to the right place.

In this in-depth discussion, we’re going to talk about everything you need to know when it comes to selecting the right nail treatment for you. You’ll learn what separates the best from the rest, and we’ll give you our recommendation for the top natural nail strengthener currently on the market. Keep reading to make brittle, fragile nails a thing of the past!

What Is A Nail Strengthener, Exactly?

Before we talk about how to find the best nail strengthener, let’s go over what a nail strengthener is.

Simply put, a nail strengthener is like a nail polish you apply to your nails. It creates a flexible film over your nails that hardens and produces a layer of protection for your nail plates. Aside from that, it imparts essential nutrients to your nails to make them stronger from the inside out.

Why We Recommend Using The Best Vegan Nail Strengthener Over Traditional Styles

There are two main types of nail strengtheners: vegan and non-vegan. As you can probably imagine, we recommend going with a vegan treatment - and there is a reason for this.

First of all, vegan nail strengthener does not contain any animal products or by-products. So, if you are vegan–or simply want to reduce your impact on the ecosystem–choosing a vegan nail strengthener is the best choice.

More than that, vegan nail strengthener contains fewer harmful chemicals than the regular versions. Hence, there is less risk of exposure to substances that can cause serious health issues, such as allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and kidney issues, among many others. If you care not just about your own health and wellbeing - but that of animals and our ecosystem - vegan is the no-brainer choice.

What Makes The Best Vegan Nail Strengthener (Buyers Guide)?

There are tons of nail strengthener options available on the market today, but how do you find the best nail strengthener? Choosing the right product can be the difference between unlocking your nail goals and struggling with breakage for years to come. Here are a few factors to keep in mind when shopping for your own treatment:

Vegan Certification

A reliable company will have its vegan certifications right on the bottle. While having a ton of certifications is not always necessary–the more, the better.

So, when in the market for a new nail strengthener, look for vegan certifications on the packaging. They should tell you if a product is 100% vegan or not. Be wary of products that only say ‘cruelty-free’. This may mean that they don’t test their products on animals, but that doesn’t automatically make them vegan. You should seek out a product that is both vegan and cruelty-free.

Natural Ingredients

Aside from vegan certifications, you should also take the time to scrutinize the ingredients list. A truly vegan nail strengthener should be made from plant-based or synthetic substances only–no animal products or by-products whatsoever. The ingredients list is the #1 way to determine not just whether a product is vegan or not - but whether it’s natural and non-toxic to boot!


Of course, it can be difficult to evaluate a product’s effectiveness without trying it out first. But you can always scour reviews to gauge whether a product is effective or not. Look for a nail strengthener that has a ton of reliable reviews. Better yet, be sure to check out a brand’s feedback from third-party websites. 

Drying Time

Unless you have infinite patience, choose a vegan nail strengthener that dries fairly quickly. A good nail strengthener should be dry to the touch after a minute or so. It should be fully dried after 4 minutes. 

With a fast-drying nail strengthener, you can go about your day as soon as possible. Keep in mind that you have to apply a nail strengthener every day for the best results, so you want something that can easily be incorporated into your nail-care regimen.

The Best Natural Nail Strengthener Of 2022 Revealed: BeautyGarde

Finding the best nail strengthener can be a lot of work. Luckily, you don’t have to scour the web just to find a product that will work best for you. Here’s why BeautyGarde should be your top pick for nail treatment:

Why Is BeautyGarde The Best Nail Strengthener Currently Available?

There is no shortage of nail strengthener brands to choose from. So, what makes our formulation so special?

For starters, we combine the natural power of plant extracts, garlic herbs, and horsetail herbs to help your nails grow faster and stronger. 

Garlic extract contains selenium, which is essential for rapid nail growth. Horsetail extract, on the other hand, is packed with silica, a substance known for its amazing ability to strengthen brittle, cracked, and peeling nails.

With these powerful nutrients combined, most customers see results in as little as a few weeks. In fact, you’ll enjoy completely new nails within 8-10 weeks! More than that, the BeautyGarde nail strengthener is super easy to use. All you have to do is apply it every day, remove all product after 5 to 7 days, then repeat the whole process all over again. For most people, just a single coat of product works just fine. And if you apply the product religiously, you may start noticing results in about 5 to 7 days.

Don’t just take our word for it. If you need more convincing, the BeautyGarde Rocket Nail Fuel has nearly 2,000 reviews on our website. Hundreds of men and women have found new hope in this vegan nail polish after trying so many other options out–so, you just have to see the difference for yourself. Here are a few key takeaways as to why our nail strengthener is the best available:

  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free
  • Non toxic, safe ingredients (7-free)
  • Fast results in as little as a week
  • Easy to apply

Getting The Most Out Of The Best Nail Strengthener Treatment: Quick Tips

The best vegan nail strengthener is most effective when you know how to apply it properly. But don’t worry, the application process is super easy:

Start with clean, dry nails. Trim if you have to; otherwise, go straight to applying a single coat of nail strengthener on each nail. If your nails are particularly brittle or weak, we recommend applying two coats.

Do this every day for 5 to 7 days. After the week is up, remove all the nail strengthener product from your nails then repeat the process again. Do take note that the nail growth cycle takes about 8 to 10 weeks, so you must be patient in order to see real results. Aside from that, here are other tips on how to make the most out of your vegan nail strengthener:

Pair With A Vegan Nail Polish

Of course, you don’t want to waste all that effort by using regular nail polish. Instead, choose the best vegan nail polish to paint your nails. Vegan nail polish, just like vegan nail strengthener, does not contain any animal products or harmful chemicals that can ruin the integrity of your nails.

However, not all vegan nail polish is completely non-toxic or 100% cruelty-free. That’s why you need to be vigilant. Choose a brand that has legitimate vegan certifications to ensure that the nail polish you’re buying is 100% vegan, not just cruelty-free. Cruelty-free can mean that the company does not perform animal testing, but it doesn’t automatically mean that the ingredients are vegan. 

To be sure, always check the ingredients list. Animal ingredients to look out for include guanine, which gives nail polish its signature shine and is made from fish scales; carmine (also known as cochineal) which gives red nail polish its vibrant color but is made from crushed beetles, as well as animal-derived fragrances. 

However, finding animal-derived products can be tricky because they may be called many things. If an ingredient name is unfamiliar to you, we highly suggest looking it up before buying anything.

Application Tips

Vegan nail strengthener - and nail polish, for that matter - works best on clean, dry nails. So, before you apply either, wash your hands thoroughly with mild soap and water. Pay extra attention to the sides and undersides of your nail plates. 

If your nails are long, we recommend using a brush to get rid of any lingering dirt or skin cells underneath your nails. 

Also, be sure to remove any lingering product from your nails before applying nail strengthener. This includes nail polish (colored or otherwise), acrylics, dip powders, and other types of nail products.

Make Certain Lifestyle Changes

Using the best of the best nail strengthener can work wonders on your nail health, but it may not be enough to achieve the maximum potential of your nails.

To make the most out of your nail strengthener treatment, it may help to make certain lifestyle changes as well. For starters, try eating more foods that are rich in nutrients that are essential for nail growth.

These include B vitamins, protein, iron, magnesium, Vitamin C, and omega-3 fatty acids. You will usually find these vitamins and minerals from lean meats, fatty fish, citrus fruits, and leafy greens. 

If you can’t get all of these nutrients from food alone, consider taking supplements. Multivitamins should work just fine, but if you want to focus on nail growth, find a supplement that contains all the essential nutrients we’ve mentioned above (usually, these supplements target the hair as well).

Another lifestyle change that we recommend is doing your nails less frequently. Applying nail polish or putting on acrylics can wear down your nails over time. And if you do it frequently, you will likely end up with weaker, more brittle nails.

But if you must do your nails every two weeks, we highly suggest sticking to your nail strengthener routine religiously. Don’t stop treatment as long as you are wearing fake nails or applying nail polish constantly. Although it might not make your nails impervious, applying nail strengthener will help your nails combat the effects of chemicals and general wear and tear.

Final Thoughts On The Best Natural Nail Strengthener Of 2022

Are you tired of your nails always breaking, chipping, or peeling? Don’t worry, there is a solution to maintain that perfect manicure.

Our nail strengthener is formulated from powerful ingredients that are natural and non-toxic. By applying this product to your nails, you create a protective barrier between your nail plates and external dangers. At the same time, you are nourishing your nails inside out, effectively making them stronger and more resilient than ever before.

And you don’t have to worry about any complicated processes. Our vegan nail strengthener is easy to use, dries fast, and–more often than not–requires only a single coat for each application!

Ready to experience the difference yourself? Get the best vegan nail strengthener currently on the market at BeautyGarde today.