Hey BeautyGARDE Community! It's Kim Crider, CEO here at BeautyGARDE. I'm back for another seven things Saturday. Read on for a random chaotic blend of thoughts from my heart to yours.


I tried this Creamy Coconut Lemonade last week and it was phenomenal! Plus it matched my mani - I was wearing My Sunshine. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Meet Julia

She doesn’t know we’re doing this so when she gets the email we will 100% get a message but we want to introduce you to the woman who makes sure we have enough inventory, who guarantees our products launch on time, makes our BG world go round and as my daughter likes to call her is our “Budget Queen”.

Julia began her career in the beauty industry as a hairstylist, where she ventured into co-owning, opening and operating a modern high end Hair Salon. Fast forward years later she met the Australian love of her life and now husband. Julia decided to step away from the Hair Salon start a family and ended up finding her way to the BeautyGARDE family AND we could not be more grateful that she did.

 Julia is best known for her down to earth, calm in the chaos, humble heart of gold that makes working for BeautyGARDE a dream. She manages to juggle a full-time+ work schedule in addition to all that comes with being a "stay at home" mama to a toddler by prioritizing intention of her time & energy. Staying organized, implementing self-care, asking for help and being as present as possible are key when it comes to managing it all.

When not working, her absolute favorite is quality family time & their long walks together. She finds immense joy in watching her son’s wonder, curiosity and priceless new experiences he comes across on their family adventures.

Hi It’s Us

Most of us are parents here at BeautyGARDE (pets to human children) and some would joke our culture is not always professional business approved. Often times during meetings, a kid might join us or be in the background having a dance party and more often than not we get distracted by our Marketing Coordinator’s cat who likes to meow off camera. But we feel pretty dang grateful that we get to invite our life into our home offices and it’s because of each of you who support our small business. Just wanted to give you a big big THANK YOU - we are so grateful.

Color Inspo

You probably don’t know this about us, but we hand mix most of our colors before sending to the lab to copy. I LOVE to do paint by numbers and then free style it at the end. Last fall I was doing a Joshua Tree painting that was full of really beautiful, bright colors and when I started doing my free style, I mixed Wren, Margot, Chloe & Gigi in oil paint for the flowers. We sent samples of that to the lab to create these four shades!

Nail Dents & Pits

Dents and pits can happen for a variety of reasons! Some dents, pits and grooves can just naturally occur with age, diet and lifestyle. Severe dents or pits can be a result of damage to the nail plate which can come from picking off any false nail system such as gel, dip powder, acrylic, or press ons. If you choose to wear any of the above, it is very important to remove them properly (although I have been known to stress pick off my gel before I switched to the BeautyGARDE plant based polishes!). If you just couldn’t help it, here are some tips to help you fix it:

  1. Take a break from the false nail systems to give your nails time to heal.
  2. Use the rough side of a buffer from left to right until you feel it smooth out. Follow with the soft side for a handful of times. Repeat twice per week.
  3. Apply a nail strengthener to help speed up the growth process - we love Rocket Nail Fuel Nail Repair
  4. If you choose to wear false nail systems, apply a no bite agent to curb the habit of picking! We love Curb No Bite Treatment.

Summer Fridays Update

In case you missed it as a team we do Summer Fridays every year. So far the teams favorite adventures have been: Going to a country concert, exploring Red Fish Lake, taking a pottery class, having a bonfire and going camping! 

What are your summer plans? Let us know!