How long do acrylic nails last?

How long do acrylic nails last?

Jun 21, 2023Nonie Creme

The amount of time acrylic nails last on your natural nails will depend on several factors, including the quality of the acrylic, how quickly your nails grow, and how well you take care of them. On average, they last anywhere from 2-3 weeks without cracking, splitting, or peeling. However, some that are highly durable can last up to eight weeks (two months) if proper care is given and you get fill-ins when needed.

How long acrylic nails last without fill-ins

Without fill-ins, your acrylic nails won't last as long. As your natural nails grow, you'll have a gap from where your acrylic nails end, and your nail beds grow out—this creates space where the acrylics can start to split, crack, or peel.

Most nail technicians recommend visiting your nail salon at least once every three weeks to ensure your acrylic nails are being maintained properly and to make them last longer.

How to make acrylic nails last longer

There are several ways to prolong the life of your acrylic nails, though some may be easier said than done.

  1. Get acrylic manicures from a trusted nail salon or technician.

  2. Use only quality products.

  3. Keep your nails clean.

  4. Moisturize your hands (you can also use cuticle oil on your nails).

  5. Wear gloves when cleaning and using chemicals.

  6. Get your acrylics refilled every 2-3 weeks.

  7. Take a break from acrylics every few months.

Importance of properly removing acrylic nails

When you have acrylic nails or fake nails of any kind, it may be tempting to start peeling them off yourself when they start to crack—DO NOT DO THIS. Not having them removed properly can severely damage your natural nail beds and may even cause extreme pain.

The best option is to have your acrylic nails removed by a professional manicurist or nail technician. They will ensure minimal damage to your natural nails—note that you will likely notice some damage to the top of your nail bed.

How to keep your nails healthy

The best way to keep your natural nails healthy is to avoid getting acrylic nails or using harsh nail products altogether. This includes fake nails, getting a gel manicure, using dip powder, or any other similar products. If you want to restore your nails to how they were before you started getting acrylics done, there are several ways to promote healthy nail growth, including:

  • Using the Rocket Nail Fuel Repair Polish (also available in the Rocket Nail Fuel System): This product uses natural ingredients to help restore and repair your nails and promotes natural nail growth.

  • Use cuticle oil regularly to ensure your natural nail bed is moisturized and to prevent cracking.

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning or wear gloves when handling them.

Take a break every few months

We at BeautyGARDE prefer not to use acrylic nails, gel nails, or artificial nails of any kind—we believe in letting your natural nails have the limelight. However, if you must get acrylics, it's important that you take a break every 2-3 months at least to allow your natural nails to grow back and breathe.


Does acrylic powder damage nails?

The powder polymer used in acrylic nails isn't what does the damage to your nails. What damages your nails is the prep work done before when getting an acrylic manicure and the fact that your nails can no longer breathe once the acrylics are applied.

Damage can also be done to your nail plate when you remove acrylic nails—if not done correctly, you could lose a layer of your natural nails, or they could split, break, or crack.

Does gel polish damage your nails?

Gel polish can damage your nail much like how acrylic nails can. It's best to avoid using harsh polishes like these on your nails as much as possible if you want healthy and strong natural nails. 

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