Brittle, splitting nails aren't nice to have, nor are they pleasant to look at. Nail beds can lose their strength for several reasons, including poor diet, overuse of chemicals, and damaging manicures. The good news is, damaged nails will eventually grow out, giving way to strong nails, and there are several things you can do to promote the growth of healthy nails.

Use a nail serum or keratin treatment

Nail serums are designed to strengthen brittle nails. (May also be referred to as a nail strengthener or nail hardener). They can be used daily to keep your nails healthy, especially after getting gel polish or other artificial nails.

Rocket Nail Fuel helps to heal your nails from the inside out, using the natural power of plants to help restore and strengthen your nails.

If you have ridges in your nails, you can use a Ridge Filler to smooth out your nail beds. Note that hereditary nail ridges can't be repaired, but ridges that occur from using false nail systems can be cured by using our Ridge Filler and Rocket Nail Fuel System.

Use moisturizer

Protecting your nails starts with ensuring your hands are moisturized—including your nails and the surrounding skin. If you use your hands a lot (e.g., manual labor, washing dishes, etc.), this is especially important as your skin and nails may be more prone to cracking and becoming more brittle.

After washing your hands, try to remember to moisturize them thoroughly to keep them hydrated.

Also, try to wear gloves whenever you're using harsh chemicals.

Use cuticle oil

Cuticle oil can help protect your nails and fix nail damage. It moisturizes and hydrates your nail bed to strengthen and keep them healthy.

Most cuticle oils use natural ingredients like Vitamin E, coconut oil, and almond oil. You only need to use a small drop each time (a small amount goes a long way)—massage it onto your nails and surrounding area once a day. Applying cuticle oil at nighttime before bed (when you won't be washing your hands again) is usually the most effective.

Use nail polish remover

When removing nail polish, be sure to use a proper nail polish remover rather than peeling it off. Peeling off nail polish can remove the top layer of your nail plate, resulting in weak nails. Try to find a nail polish remover that includes natural oils that promote nail health.

If you have artificial, gel, acrylic, or powder nails, take the right steps to remove them properly or have them removed professionally at a nail salon.

Avoid artificial nails, acrylic, and gel manicures

Artificial nails, gel, acrylic, powder, and other intense polish options are extremely damaging to your nail beds, especially if you don't have them removed properly. We suggest avoiding any type of these manicures if your goal is to strengthen your nails and use a non-toxic polish instead.

Use a glass nail file

Glass nail files can help protect your nail bed by sealing the keratin layers at the edges of your nails, which can prevent breakage and splitting when trying to get that perfect nail shape. A soft nail file is also an option if you don't have a glass nail file.

It's always better to file your nails rather than cutting them, as you risk cutting them at the wrong angle, which can result in breakage or splitting.

Take nail supplements

One reason your nails may not be as healthy or hard as they once were could be your age or diet. Luckily, taking supplements can help make your nails stronger with minimal effort. A biotin supplement is the best for nails, and you can also incorporate more biotin-rich foods into your diet.